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As of September 2014, the situation relating to the future of North Weald Airfield is as follows: 

The Airfield's Owners, Epping Forest District Council, decided in August 2013 that there should be mixed development of the land adjacent to the airfield (to the East and also some of the land within the airfield boundary), while retaining aviation for the time being. EFDC is now consulting on the nature and extent of this development which it is proposed should include both residential and commercial aspects.  NWAUG and other supporters of the airfield believe that any development close to or on the airfield should be planned in such as way that it is not in any way in conflict with current or future aviation operations and other leisure activities, but should rather compliment these. We believe aviation itself should be promoted and the airfield licensed to allow commercial operations, such as business aviation and air taxis to operate, thus helping the airfield become more sustainable.  Local people have been consulted on how the village of North Weald up to the boundaries of the airfield could be shaped in future. However very little information relating to plans for developments on the airfield itself has so far been made public by EFDC or its consultants, Savills. Meanwhile EFDC is considering bringing in a 3rd party company to take over the day to day operation of the airfield, although it is proposed that this only be on the basis of a 3-5 year agreement, which still leaves a question mark over the long term future of the aerodrome as an active flying site. North Weald Airfield Users Group, other supporters of the airfield and local residents groups are monitoring the situation and pressing for early sight of any plans and proposals so that we can evaluate and comment on them as appropriate.  Please keep checking our posts on social media for any new developments.


The recent decision by Epping Forest District Council's Cabinet Committee to retain aviation a North Weald Airfield and only permit housing and similar developments on land adjacent to the airfield is in danger of being overturned. A meeting of EFDC's Overview and Scrutiny committee scheduled for 27th August 2013 could see demands for the decision to be overturned in favour of developing the entire airfield for housing and other developments, resulting in the loss of aviation...and the airfield!

Here is a link to EFDC's original press release relating the decision to adopt "OPTION 3" (continued aviation combined with development on land adjacent to the active airfield site):


At the time of writing, we understand that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting will not be held in private session (at least not entirely) so that the public may be permitted to observe proceedings, although direct contributions (unless lodged through one of the councillors in advance) are not allowed.

We would urge supporters of North Weald Airfield to turn up at EFDC's Council Offices in Epping on the date of the meeting to make their presence felt. NWAUG will co-ordinate this show of the strength of opinion to retain the airfield with other local groups including the North Weald Residents Association. We will post timings and any further relevant information as soon as we have it.



Many thousands of visitors descended on North Weald Airfield on the 9th of September to enjoy a special day when the airfield opened it doors to the local community and also commemorated its strong links to the Royal Norwegian Air Force, with the dedication of a new memorial.  Many classic aircraft, including Spitfires, as well as military vehicles and classic cars were on display and there were attractions for young and old alike.  The highlight was the visit of two F16s, two Vampires and a Hercules transport aircraft from the Royal Norwegian Air Force flying in 70 dignitaries, officials and veterans to attend the special commemorative ceremony.  The event even made the national press.  Here are three of the reports:





Epping Forest District Council (also owner of North Weald Airfield) is currently conducting a public consultation on the shaping of the "LOCAL PLAN" which should become a template for development in the district for the foreseeable future. The consultation period runs from now until 15th October 2012. Once again, a series of options have been proposed for North Weald Airfield, ranging from closing the airfield and developing it for "other uses" to developing it as a centre for business/corporate aviation. For details on how to comment on the LOCAL PLAN, please visit our Campaign Section.


This study is due to be presented to the Council's North Weald Airfield and Asset Management Cabinet Committee on Tuesday 22nd March at EFDC's Civic Offices in Epping High Street.  We understand this meeting is open to the public.


After many years of pressure from NWAUG and other interested parties, EFDC appointed consulting company, HALCROW to prepare a study which the Council refers to as an "Aviation Intensification Study".  The remit has been to look specifically at ways in which the aviation aspects of the airfield could be developed to provide more revenue.  We, NWAUG, see the healthy development of a balanced mix of aviation as crucial to ensuring the airfield's survival and to provide a viable alternative to development for housing and some of the other less desirable options that have been put forward in recent years.  HALCROW have met with aviation tenants, NWAUG, various operators, local residents groups and other interested parties in order to gather the necessary information and opinions to allow them to prepare their study. 



It was recently brought to the attention of the North Weald Airfield Users Group that yet another consultancy period is currently ongoing, as a result of EERA's call for sites and the review of the East of England plan to extend its scope to 2031.

The general information page on the EERA webpage is here:


It states that the public consultation runs from 2nd September to 5 pm on 24th November 2009.  This appears to have been kept very low key, as we received no information about this from the powers that be and it has not been mentioned in the press.

As part of the "Call for Sites", two developers have submitted proposals relating to North Weald Airfield and surrounding land amounting to a total of 10,000 new homes!  Both proposals were submitted AFTER the Examination in Public of 2007 on the EEP and the Planning Inspector's decision that North Weald Airfield was not a suitable site for such a large scale development.  An opinion which the Government agreed with, in its final published version of the East of England Plan. These proposals therefore completely ignore the overwhelming opinion of those who responded to the earlier consultations, as well as the decisions which resulted from it.

We therefore feel very strongly that a response to the current consultation is required, and recommend that the airfield's supporters visit the EERA website and make their views heard.  For further details on these recent developments, please visit our Campaign section.


MARCH 2009: Proposed Gypsy and Travellers Site on North Weald Airfield

NWAUG is working closely with other local groups, in partcular the North Weald Residents Association in relation to the proposals for a large gypsy and traveller site on the Eastern edge of the airfield. 

Go the the NWRA website for more details.



The North Weald Airfield Users Group (NWAUG) is now delighted to inform you that on  Monday 12 May the East of England Regional Assembly, at long last, published their final version of the East of England Plan.. The NWAUG has studied this not inconsiderable document and are pleased to say that it contains no recommendations for any development at North Weald Airfield.


This is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for and it therefore looks as if the future of North Weald Airfield is secure for the time being.


In particular we would like to express our appreciation to Peter Kember of Kember, Louden, Williams, who represented us at the Examination in Public (EiP) last year. Without his superb presentation, and your financial support for it, the result of the EiP would probably have been very different.


The Users Group will, of course, continue to monitor the situation at North Weald and in the mean time we would like to thank all of you who have assisted us with letter writing, support and fund raising over the last few years.


Without your help the outcome would have been unthinkable. Thank you from everyone at the NWAUG


20.05.2008 North Weald Community Day and Fly-In on the 18th May 2008 a great success


This event surpassed expectations, with many aircraft flying-in but also a very large number of visitors from the local community who enjoyed the sights and sounds of "their" airfield and also the many other attractions especially laid on.  The unveiling of the Hawker Hurricane Replica Gate Guardian by Tom Neil, the pilot who flew the original aircraft from North Weald during the Battle of Britain, was the high point of the day, together with fly-bys by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and also a breathtaking display by North Weald's own Peter Teichman in his Mark 11 Spitfire.  It is hoped that the fly-in and community day will become an annual event.


Please contact EFDC if you would like to make a donation to the Gate Guardian fund


EFDC Airfield Operations on Tel. 01992 564 200


Several organisations including North Weald Airfield Museum and The Squadron, in co-operation with Epping Forest District Council, are holding a Community Day with Fly-In on Sunday 18th May 2008.  The highlight will be the unveiling of the airfield's new Gate Guardian, a replica of a Hawker Hurricane in markings of one the squadrons based at North Weald during the 2nd World War and also a fly-past by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The organisers would particularly like to welcome members of the local community from the neighbouring towns and villages surrounding the airfield, as a way of saying thank you for their support, both past, present and in future.  Pilots are also invited to fly in on this special occasion. For more details of the event contact:


The Squadron on Tel. 01992 524 510


EFDC Airfield Operations on Tel. 01992 564 200


Please also contact EFDC if you would like to make a donation to the Gate Guardian fund


To date, the EAST OF ENGLAND PLAN, which will outline the planning for housing development in the region for many years to come, has still not been published. The latest information we have from GoEast (The Government Office for the East of England) is that the Secretary of State is expected to publish the finalised East of England Plan in "early 2008".  As soon as this has happened we will advise you of its contents, in particular with respect to North Weald Airfield.


In its response to the report of the Examination in Public relating to the East of England Plan, the Government has endorsed the Inspector's recommendation that a major housing development at North Weald is inappropriate.  A period of consultation on the Government's recommendations now follows and responses are invited to be submitted before 9th March 2007.  See our Campaign section for further details.

The Inspector's report following the Examination in Public, carried out at the beginning of this year, was published on 22nd June 2006.  The most significant aspect, in relation to North Weald Airfield, is that the panel found the proposed development of 6000 house on the site to be inappropriate.  There are several references to North Weald in the Report but one of the most significant is:
"One distinguishing feature for NW is that the Airfield would form a major previously developed site although the full proposals being promoted by the developers Lend Lease also involve significant Greenfield land. The Airfield is currently in use, however, and a persuasive case was made for its retention for General and Business Aviation and on account of its historical value."

The Panel also shed doubt on the idea that satellite developments, like the one proposed for North Weald, would assist with the re-generation of Harlow.  In its conclusions, the panel has recommended the exclusion of "growth" at North Weald and the consequent deletion of all policies in this respect. It also recommends a reduction in the number of houses in the Epping Forest District Council area.

These recommended amendments to the Plan, now go to the Government for further consultation .  If the Reports findings are implemented, then the airfield will, for the time being at least, have been given a reprieve, which should allow interested parties to focus on its shaping its future based around the existing aviation and leisure activities currently carried out on the airfield site.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the campaign so far, and, although this is certainly good news, it may not be the end of the struggle, so we will keep the pressure on to make sure the Report's findings are acted upon and will monitor developments accordingly.

20.02.06 NWAUG makes a powerful representation to the EiP hearing on the future of North Weald Airfield.

Those of you who attended the hearing in Letchworth or who listened in on the webcast will be aware that NWAUG's appointed spokesman, Mr Peter Kember of Kember Loudon Williams Planning Consultants made a very strong representation on behalf of the airfield, putting forward a compelling and well founded case for its retention as an aviation and leisure facility.  He backed up his arguments with facts and data relating to developments in General Aviation in the region and the lack of alternative sites that could accommodate the activities which currently take place at North Weald. His statement included quotes from the Halcrow Report of 2002 which clearly identified unique North Weald's potential for Business and General Aviation. Mr Kember also countered several claims and arguments made by the various developers who have drawn up plans to redevelop the airfield for housing.  A transcript summary of Mr Kember's submission can be read by clicking here.  Further details are also available in the recent Press Release (click here).

13.02.06 EiP WEBCAST - Matter 8H1 Harlow/Northweald -

Matter 8H: Stansted/M11 – to include district level apportionment of regional growth to Braintree, Uttlesford, Harlow, Epping Forest, Broxbourne and East Herts (excluding any expansion of Stevenage eastwards) 

Due to the expected number of people interested in listening to this matter EERA will be providing a live audio webcast of the proceedings.  The EiP discussion will be broadcast on this website:


The broadcast will be 14-15 February 9.30-5.30 with breaks approximately 11.00am coffee (30 min), 1pm lunch (1 hr) and 3.30pm tea (30 mins).  More information available here:


08.02.06 Hearing on issues relating to North Weald Airfield as part of the EiP (Examination in Public) scheduled for February 14th & 15th 2006.

The hearing at the EiP (Enquiry in Public) is approaching fast and the matters relating to the airfield are due to be heard on 14th and 15th February in Letchworth. This will be the most important event to date when the Inspector will make his decisions as to whether or not North Weald Airfield is to be kept included within the RSS 14 report and hence recommended as a site for housing.     Please go to our Campaign section to see information on how you can attend.

08.02.06 Kember, Loudon & Williams appointed as consultants to NWAUG.

We have taken the decision to appoint Peter Kember of Kember Loudon Williams (planning consultants) to act with us and on our behalf at the enquiry. Peter Kember has a lot of experience in planning connected to airfields and we feel him to be the best man for the job. NWAUG will need to help of further donations to meet the consultancy costs, estimated at this stage at approx. £4000.  Please visit our Donations section to see how you can make a contribution.

02.12.05 North Weald Airfield included in a list of historic sites which should be protected for future generations.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and English Heritage have included North Weald Airfield in a list of historic aviation sites which it believes should be protected for future generations.  Details can be found by following this link:

Link to Government Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport Press Release

The reference to North Weald in the press release states:

Fighter sector station with Battle of Britain associations, and after Kenley and Debden retaining the best-preserved of the landscapes put in place by Fighter Command at the beginning of the Second World War."

Although the full consequences of North Weald Airfield's inclusion in this list are uncertain, we urge our supporters to contact the Department for Culture and also English Heritage to seek clarification and to press for protection of the site as a whole and not simply a few individual buildings or structures, as could be the case at the current time. 

You can send you comments to the  Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport by following this link.

or contact: listing@culture.gov.uk

Further interesting information on historical airfield sites can be found here:

English Heritage Guidelines Relating to Historic Military Aviation Sites

01.08.05 North Weald as Corporate Airfield for 2012 London Olympics?

We are promoting the idea of North Weald Airfield playing an important role in the 2012 London Olympics, as base for corporate and business aviation, especially in relation to the corporate hospitality that will surround the event.  North Weald is the nearest GA airfield to the main Olympic site in the Lea Valley and has the longest runway of any GA airfield North of the Thames.  It also has ample space for parking the large numbers of aircraft that would need to be accommodated, as well as space for the related facilities, reception areas etc.  North Weald has excellent motorway connections via the M11 and M25 and is also only a few miles from the Central Line, with a direct link to Stratford Station.  We have written to the organisers of the games, the airfield owners and other relevant bodies to promote the idea and we are seeking support from operators and others who would also like to promote this concept.  We believe it would give North Weald Airfield the best opportunity to prove its true value and potential as an airfield.

15.07.05 Over 6500 objections to plans to build on North Weald Airfield received by EERA

Approx. 6800 objections to plans to build housing on North Weald Airfield have been received by the East of England Regional Assembly in response to the public consultation on the East of England Plan.  This is by far the greatest number of objections received in relation to any specific part of the plan.  Thanks to everyone who send in their comments and submissions.

06.06.05 NWAUG invited to take part in "Examination in Public"

Thanks mainly to the overwhelming support we have received for our campaign, North Weald Airfield Users Group has been invited by the East of England Regional Assembly to take part in the Examination in Public, which follows on from the initial public consultation exercise, which finished on 16th March.  Our members will be attending the meetings planned for later in the year to further fight for the future of North Weald Airfield.

31.03.05 "Useful Information" Section Added to Website and Events List Updated

We have added a section containing useful information for people wishing to visit North Weald Airfield both by air and road. The section contains links to roadmaps, instructions for pilots and also useful telephone numbers and other information.  Click here to visit the "useful information" page. We have also updated the list of events being staged on the airfield in 2005.  Click here for the updated Events page.

17.03.05 Deadline for East of England Plan Passes

The deadline of the 16th March for objections to the East of England plan has now passed.  NWAUG would like to thank everyone who registered on the website and wrote in to us or directly to EERA with their objections.  We estimate that at least 3000 objections to the housing development plans relating to the airfield have been lodged.  We will update you on the figures as they are released by EERA and also any further developments in the interim.

08.03.05 EFDC Gives Greater Emphasis to Retention of the Airfield in its Response to EERA East of England Plan

After a meeting between NWAUG representatives on 05.03.05 and John Knapman, Leader of Epping Forest District Council, and further lobbying of our local District Council representatives, NWAUG have achieved in significant victory in the ongoing battle to save the airfield.  At EFDC's full council meeting on 8th March, they agreed to include an amendment, proposed by NWAUG, in their response to the East of England Plan, which refers directly to the value of the airfield as a unique leisure and aviation facility and also the loss of its potential for the future, should the housing development go ahead.  Also in a major change from previous policy, several councillors, including Mr. Knapman, proposed that EFDC should look seriously again into the airfield's potential to be retained and enhanced to play a role in the business aviation sector, when considering its future.

06.03.05 100's Fly and Drive to North Weald Airfield Users Group Event to Object to Housing Proposals

Approximately 800 more objections to the EERA East of England Plan were recorded at Sunday's objection workshop organised by NWAUG.  Around 130 aircraft flew into North Weald and many more people came by road to express their views and complete the EERA response forms. People were queuing to lodge their objections. 2 presentations were made by a representative of North Weald Parish Council on the background to the proposals to build up to 6000 houses on the airfield.  NWAUG would like to thank The Squadron, who waived landing fees for the day and who co-hosted the event, along with the many volunteers who assisted with marshalling, advising people how to register their objections and many other tasks. A selection of photo's from the day can be found here.

01.03.05 North Weald Airfield Users Group to hold objection workshop on Sunday 6th March

With only 2 weeks to go until the deadline for objections to the Draft RSS14 Study, the Airfield Users Group is organising an objection workshop at "The Squadron" Clubhouse from 11am on Sunday 6th March. NWAUG members will be on hand to assist visitors in registering their objections to proposals to build up to 6,000 houses on the airfield.  There will also be a presentation on the threat to the airfield and surrounding area by the local Parish Council.  Visitors to the event, which is open to airfield users, aviators, residents and supporters and members of the public, are invited to attend by road or by air. There will be no landing fees on the day! Due to the large number of visitors expected, PPR is required for visiting aircraft on tel. 01992 564200 during the week, or, 01992 524740 on the day.  We hope to see as many people there as possible.

01.03.05 Epping Forest District Council to Debate its response to RSS14 on Tuesday 8th March

The EFDC will be meeting to discuss and vote on its proposed response to the EERA consultation at the Civic Offices in Epping High Street on Tuesday 8th March at 7 pm. Although the public cannot comment at the meeting, the public gallery will be open.  We would like to call on as many airfield supporters as possible to lobby the councillors outside the Civic Offices as they arrive for the meeting.  The more they are aware of the strength of feeling in support of the airfield, the greater influence we may have on the decisions that are made.  Please come along and support the cause.

25.01.05 Epping and North Weald Model Flying Club Donates £1,118.00 to Airfield Campaign Fund

The Epping and North Weald Model Flying Club, who are based at North Weald Airfield, handed over a cheque for £1,118.00 on 24th January 2005 to help fund the campaign to prevent 6000 houses being built on the airfield.  North Weald Airfield Users Group are very grateful for the donation, which will be used in part to help finance an advertising campaign in the local press.  The picture shows Mr. David Windrow (right) of the Model Flying Club handing over the cheque to Mr. Dave Young of the Airfield Users Group.

10.01.05 Bassett Community Action Group Launches Website

The Bassett Community Action has been set up by residents of North Weald Parish, which also includes the villages of Thornwood Common and Hastingwood, with the aim to "To protect and maintain the character and integrity of North Weald Bassett and its environs by representing the views and wishes of its community and reflecting the importance of its unique historic heritage".  North Weald Airfield Users Group are working closely with BCAG to maximise the public response to the EERA RSS14 consultation process currently taking place.  More details can be found on the Bassett Community Action Group's websites at: http://www.bcag.co.uk/ and www.northwealdevents.com

04.01.05 North Weald  Market Organisers support campaign to save airfield

Hughmark International, the organisers of the UK's largest outdoor market, which takes place regularly at North Weald Airfield, have expressed their solidarity with the campaign to prevent its redevelopment for housing.  Click here for more details.

08.12.04 Public Consultation Period for the Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England RSS14 begins

See previous news item for details.  The consultation period ends on 16th March 2005. Visit our campaign section for guidelines on how to register your objections. Make your voice heard!

03.12.04 Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England targets North Weald for 6,000 houses

The document entitled Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England (formerly RPG 14) encompassing most of the previous studies has now been published on the EERA website. The Public Consultation Period is 12 weeks, beginning 8th December 2004. A summary of the references to North Weald can be viewed here: RSS Summary Relating to North Weald

30.09.04 "Epping Star" reports on EDFC's leader's U-Turn on Airfield Housing Development

 Quoted from the Epping Star, 30.09.04:

"THE leader of Epping Forest Council has admitted thousands more homes may have to be built in North Weald than has already been agreed.

John Knapman (Ind) warned on Monday that Epping Forest Council’s decision last October to accept just 3,000 new homes for the district in defiance of the draft Regional Planning Guidance 14 figure of 18,600 was no longer realistic.

Instead, he wants members to consider creating at least 6-10,000 homes by 2021 – and signalled this should mean more development at North Weald."

16.09.04 "Ropemaker" proposal may offer some hope for airfield

A proposed alternative site for a majority if the homes proposed for the Epping Forest District may offer a glimmer of hope for the airfield.  A large swathe of land North of Harlow owned by the beleaguered BP Pension Fund has been proposed as a suitable site for development.  This has been dubbed the "Ropemaker" proposal.

04.06.04 NWAUG Approaches District Councillors

The Users Group recently approached all the District Councillors who are standing for re-election on 10 June in order to ascertain their views about the future of North Weald Airfield and the results of this exercise have been published on our “Campaign” section.

If you are voting in these elections you may wish to see how YOUR Councillor responded!

15.02.04 Further Draft of RPG 14 Published

A further draft has been published which is leading up to the Final Draft of RPG 14, which is due to be published in August 2004 and put out to consultation.  The current draft still includes recommendations for up to 10,000 houses on the site of North Weald Airfield.

22.10.03 North Weald Parish Council Public Meeting to Discuss Various Development Threats

North Weald Parish Council is calling a public meeting on Wednesday 22nd October to give North Weald Villagers the chance to have their say on possible development plans for the area.  The meeting will take place from 07.30 pm at the Village Hall just of the High Road in the center of the village. We urge all supporters of the airfield and North Weald Village to attend. Call the parish council office on 01992 523825 for details.

17.10.03 "Save our Airfield" Ball planned for Saturday 15th November

The North Weald Firkin Flyers have agreed to donate the profits of their annual dance to the North Weald Airfield campaign. The annual event will be held at the Squadron on Saturday 15th November, 8 till late. Tickets (max. 300) are available from the Squadron by calling 01992 524510. The event is sponsored by CanopyCo (UK) Ltd., who will be providing a marquee and The Design House who are providing posters and tickets.  Full details will are available here .

15.10.03 BBC London News Report on Battle of Britain Memorial Day at North Weald now available for download.

Click the link here to view this interesting report of the day's events and campaing to save the airfield.

25.09.03 Epping Forest District Council Extends Deadline for Comments on their Draft Development Strategy 2021 to 31st October 2003

EFDC have extended the deadline for objections and comments to the end of October.  All those who have not yet written in with the remarks, now have another four weeks to do so.

18.09.03 Epping Guardian Reports on Battle of Britain Memorial Day & Fly-in

Follow these two links to view the text of these reports:

http://www.eppingguardian.co.uk/news/localnews/display.var.414243.0.airfield_fight_thousands_turn_out_to_ support_airfield.php

http://www.eppingguardian.co.uk/news/localnews/display.var.414246.0.airfield_fight_battle_to_stave_off_deve lopers.php

14.09.03 Thousands turn out in support of North Weald Airfield during the Battle of Britain Memorial Day and Fly-In

Local people and supporters of the airfield came in their droves to take part in the Battle of Britain Memorial Day and Fly-in held at the Airfield and Memorial on Sunday 14th September.  Also well over 100 aircraft flew in for this special event, co-organised by North Weald Airfield Museum and The Squadron and supported by North Weald Airfield Users Group.  A TV news team from BBC London News also reported on the day's procedings (video of the news report will be available soon for download). A Spitfire attended the event. Click here to download a video of its arrival and several fly-bys. Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended this special event.

19.08.03 Government Office for Eastern England (Go East) talks of 11,000 new homes for North Weald

Go East, the Government Office for Eastern England, has commented in its response to the Harlow Options Study, that as many as 11,000 homes could be built on North Weald Airfield and surrounding land.

07.08.03 North Weald Airfield Users Group to have Information Stands at Forthcoming Events

The North Weald Airfield Users Group will be present with an information stand at the FLYPAST FLY-IN from 9th-10th August and the BATTLE OF BRITAIN DAY FLY-IN on Sunday 14th September.  NWAUG members will attend to give information on the campaign to save the airfield from development and enlist the support of visitors to these events, which are open to the public. We encourage all those interested in the airfield to attend this exciting occasions.  Details of these and other happenings on the airfield can be found in our events section .

01.08.03 Deadline Arrives for Responses to Harlow Options Study / EFDC's own Draft Development Strategy also earmarks Airfield for Housing Development

Today is the deadline for responses to the Harlow Options Study.  Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has written to the consultants, Atkins, expressing their opposition to the development plans.  However the campaign to save the airfield cannot rest. Epping Forest District Council's own Draft Development Strategy also identifies the airfield as a location for a major housing development. Please go to our campaign section for details on who to write to at the council to oppose these plans. Letter to Atkins sent after the 1st August deadline will probably still have to be noted, so also continue to be of value.

26.07.03 Campaign to Save North Weald Airfield Featured on LWT News

The battle to prevent North Weald Airfield from being developed for housing was featured on an LWT TV News item this Saturday. Members of North Weald Parish Council and North Weald Airfield Users Group were interviewed by reporters and highlighted the threat to this historic and versatile site.  View the short ITN video clip here (650 kb)

24.07.03 "Fight is on to Save North Weald Airfield" reported in the Ongar and North Weald Gazette and the Epping Guardian

The issues surrounding the threat to North Weald are reported in the two main local newspapers.  Download the Ongar and North Weald Gazette front page article here.  To read the full text of the Epping Guardian article, follow this link to the Epping Guardian Homepage.

23.07.03 Epping Forest District Council Does Not Object to Airfield Redevelopment in its Response to the Harlow Options Study

At a public meeting at the council offices on 22.07.03, EFDC voted on the content of their official response to the Harlow Options Study.  The response does criticise elements of the Study but does not object to the re-development of North Weald Airfield as a major housing and industial estate. In fact, the council appears to favour this particular option in its response to the study. We urge all supporters of the airfield and village to write to EFDC to protest against this decision.  Contact details are on our campaign page

21.07.03  1st August Deadline for Responses to the Harlow Options Study Approaches

The deadline for responses to the final draft of the Harlow Options Studay was set as 1st August 2003 .  If you have not already done so, please send your responses to the consultants Atkins.  See the campaign section for further details.

20.07.03 AOPA Expresses Concerns to Epping Forest District Council and Atkins

David Ogilvy, President of the AOPA has written to Epping Forest District Council, owners of North Weald Airfield, and Atkins, the town planning consultants, expressing the organisation's concerns regarding the proposed development of North Weald Airfield for housing.

11.07.03 North Weald Parish Council Writes to Residents Calling on Them to Support Airfield

In the second week in July, North Weald Bassett Parish Council wrote to all residents of the parish detailing the threat to the airfield and village contained in the Harlow Options Study, including a map of the proposed development (see campaign section for details). The council called on all residents to write to the consultants, Epping Forest District Council and the local MP, Eleanor Laing, to protest against these plans, before the deadline of 1st August 2003.


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